Rand Ford, Ph.D.

Rand Ford, Ph.D.

Director and Professor of Analytics, Harrisburg University

Rand Ford has over 35 years of experience in artificial intelligence and has created several cutting-edge natural language processors during that time. His most recent work employs a Hebbian learning strategy in natural language processing to automatically create educational content.

He earned his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, along with a master’s and bachelor’s, from the Johns Hopkins University.  He holds two patents and is active in both academic and applied research. Throughout his career, he has held C-level positions at six different companies.

Where is Healthcare Analytics headed?

Harrisburg University

This session provides an overview of two current and exciting developments in Analytics that will dramatically effect healthcare in the near future: (1) new levels of sophistication in Natural Language Processing that will allow true computer interpretation of prose text files such as physician notes and even publications; and (2) new educational approaches to analytics […]

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