Don Hoag

Don Hoag

Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Don Hoag is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Analytics and Information Management practice with over 17 years of experience in information technology areas including: data warehousing, Medicaid systems, project management, data governance and systems development. He has worked closely with healthcare solutions in the public sector, focusing primarily on analytics implementations for Medicaid and related systems. He has been involved in numerous efforts across the country, including implementations in California, Pennsylvania and Texas. He is Deloitte’s lead for our HealthInteractive product offering in Medicaid, focusing on implementation of analytics in disease management, progression of care, MARS reporting and HEDIS quality measures.

Health Analytics: How Cognitive Analytics Are Transforming Patient Care

Harrisburg University

Cogitative Analytics are enabling machines to replicate human actions and judgement with robotics and cognitive technologies. Today, cognitive analytics are supporting health care operations such as prior authorization which is knowledge-intensive, highly manual, and error-prone. Increasingly, health care innovators are exploring use cases that directly address patient care – for example, using analytics to review […]

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