Rx for Better Health: Integrated Data and Analytics

Today, there is lots of talk about “health coverage” and “health care” after people get sick – but not enough about keeping people “healthy” up front. Today, agencies are just starting to scratch the surface on how to improve outcomes by preventing serious health issues in the first place – and they’re doing it by integrating and analyzing data from multiple programs – inside and outside of Health and Human Services — to obtain meaningful information about the services they provide to individuals and families. Collectively, these are called social determinants of health (SDOH), and they include information such as access to housing, utilities, transportation, education, and employment. A state’s ability to effectively manage SDOH can significantly improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. This session will show how states are integrating often disparate data to determine the effectiveness of services they provide and to improve the physical and behavioral health of their citizens.

Track 2