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Vendor training will take place on December 16th and cover various aspects of analytics software and applications of structured and unstructured data. This training is free but an RSVP is required.  Register at the bottom of this page.

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Come learn why over 7000 worldwide companies, research organizations, and governments have chosen SAP HANA and SAP Analytics as their number one in-memory analytics solution platform. 

 Our session will challenge you to dream, design, and demand the technological framework solutions for today and tomorrow.

  • Come see and learn the sports analytics behind the NFL, NBA, NHL and TSG 1899 Hoffenhiem
  • Come see and learn the network analysis analytics techniques for unstructured social and biological threat analysis
  • Come see and learn how predictive analytics is simplifying Predictive Maintenance with through unstructured AutoCad© data sources
  • Come see and learn how Lockheed Martin is mining purchase history to drive preferred vendors to achieve Earned Value Management objectives

 When you see what is possible and if you are no longer willing to accept what is – then, that is when innovation and execution intersect at a place Powered by SAP – Run Simple.


Microsoft will present a session which allow participants to work with an interesting large-scale dataset that has previously been loaded.  Participants will leverage machine learning to build predictive models on top of the data and ultimately create advanced business intelligence visualizations on top of the data and output of the machine learning models.

Data sets may include the NYC Taxi trips data set, flight delay data and Twitter data.

Technologies will include:

  • Hadoop
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse (large-scale, Massively Parallel Processing version of SQL Server)
  • Azure ML
  • Power BI




Don’t miss IBM’s educational and interactive analytics and insight session on December 16th @ 10:00 am.  The IBM team will explore and share market leading solutions that extend predictive analytics, business Intelligence, advanced visualization and cognitive computing.

Through hands-on exercises and interactive demos, participants will see how to use the IBM Business Analytics solutions and  progress the analytics maturity curve from Descriptive to Diagnostic to Predictive Analytics capabilities.  Learn how to leverage historical results to enable decision makers to derive new insights that will impact future outcomes.

IBM Solutions shared will include:

  •    IBM Business Intelligence  (Cognos Analytics)
  •    IBM Predictive Analytics  (SPSS Modeler)
  •    IBM Cognitive Computing  (Watson Analytics)
  •    IBM   Cloud Data Services (Dash DB, Big Insights for Hadoop, Spark)



SAS Enterprise Miner and Text Mining using unstructured data

The Introduction to Text Mining workshop covers the basic skills required to assemble analysis flow diagrams using the rich tool set of SAS Text Mining. Also, participants will be shown how unstructured data can be converted into numeric data that can be utilized for pattern discovery and predictive modeling. Simple examples will be used to illustrate the basic concepts of text mining.





Tableau will present a session regarding how to use the technology to access data sources and create meaningful analysis assets without the need to write complicated code to leverage Big Data.

Data sets will include:

  • Hadoop
  • Google Analytics





Don’t miss Coveo training on the next generation of intelligent search applications for the digital workplace, customer and employee engagement. Coveo training will cover: 1.  broad connectivity to cloud and on-premise systems; 2. security for indexing, permissions and cloud operations;  3. UI framework to build native integrations for multi-device, multi-app engagement; and 4. behavioral, machine-learning-enabled relevance and recommendations.

Coveo solutions and cloud services covered will include:

  • Coveo Intelligent Search Platform
  • Coveo for Salesforce
  • Coveo for Sitecore
  • Coveo Reveal




QwikIntelligence will be offering training for their “just-released” text analytics package based on one of the most powerful natural language processors in existence.  This disruptive technology features both the automatic construction of queryable knowledgebases from unstructured data and the ability to learn new domain-specific language

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Receptiviti will showcase their LIWC2015 text analytics program  which they have just released.  This latest version of the LIWC (Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) assesses over 80 dimensions of text.   In the workshop, Chief Scientist Dr. James Pennebaker will offer a brief overview of text analysis strategies and a demonstration of the LIWC system that will include running several types of data sets, including emails, Twitter, webpages, and open-ended survey responses.  Non-commercial academic licenses for this product are also available.