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About Data Analytics Summit II

This summit specifically addresses how to deal with unstructured data as related to the emerging field of Big Data Analytics. About 70-80% of the data used in organizations is typically unstructured. In order to provide further clarity on how to deal with this unstructured data for analytics usage in various domains, this symposium will examine some of the leading research, applications, business cases, and solutions across various disciplines. This summit is for researchers, educators, students, leaders, and practitioners in business and government who are working on Big Data Analytics issues.

About Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is an independent educational institution offering innovative academic and research programs in science and technology that respond to the needs of the region and support its economic development, provide educational opportunity for traditionally underserved students in urban environments, and create evidence-based national models.

Attending the Summit

Stay at the Harrisburg Hilton for attendance to the summit.

Conference Co-Chairs

Rand Ford, HU
Jay Liebowitz, HU
Majid Shaalan, HU
Kelly Logan, HU
Marketing Director:
Steve Infanti, HU